TEXTILE WORK AUTOMATION SYSTEM is “Weaving design sheet drawing and Management Solution” which makes the weaving design and new product development to execute easily, sooner and correctly. In case of adoption DOBBY-net, it is not the professional work to design double textile weave and dobby fabric any more.

Now, enjoy designing different by powerful cloth weave program DOBBYnet.


WASnet is a unique tool for textile design and cost estimate with ease. With WAS-net, even a beginner can easily design textile and estimate costs.

  • Design wizard helps you calculate "acting reed width" mouse click.
  • You can verify design result on your screen with same size and pattern.
  • The plan table is stored in your database to facilitate search and management functions.
  • By applying the foreign currency exchange rate, axis, loss, etc., you can estimate cost easily.
  • By preventing the calculating or marking errors which are frequent in manual works.

RPT Editor

RPT Editor is a unique tool to make repeating textile patterns which is essential in textile design.

Using various editing functions (copy, paste, move, etc.), you can easily design various textiles which are complicate and difficult to do during ordinary work.

For the completed textile, the drawing-in and card number are automatically designated.

In addition, you can make duplicated patterns very easily.

DUP Editor

DUP Editor is a unique tool for double or multiple textile weave.

Using the concept of connection yarn and combining point, you can easily make double or multiple textile weave without bonding. Even a beginner without much knowledge and experience can make double textile weave.

In addition, by applying this concept, you can make multiple textile weave more than triple.

It will facilitate in developing functional cloth or multiple cloth weave as you can see the images both front and back in WAS.


NOD Editor

NOD Editor is a unique tool to make dobby textile weave simply clicking mouse.

Within a short time (1-2 seconds), you can make various types of dobby textile weave.

Actually, the dobby textile weave made using NOD Editor is so complicated that it may look like Jacquard textile weave.

The textile weave is so perfectly programmed that it will not be any problem in actual weaving.

By combining IT technology in weaving industry, you can make extremely complicated works that is impossible by manual works and your company will be most competent in weaving industries.